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Bleeding Heart Flower Pictures

The bleeding heart, also known as Lamprocapnos spectabilis, is a flowering plant found in Siberia, Korea, Northern China and Japan. The flowers are borne in spring, and…

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Baby’s Breath Flower Pictures

A group of flowers belonging to the carnation family, the baby’s breath are a sight for sore eyes! Originally native to Africa, Eurasia, Pacific Islands…

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Foxglove Pictures

Foxglove, one of the most attractive flowers popularly used in ornamental gardening, is found across Southwestern and Western Europe, Central and Western Asia and Northwest…

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Jasmine Pictures

Jasmine flowers are cultivated widely for their fragrance and beautiful looks. It is the national symbol of many countries around the world, including Pakistan, Indonesia,…

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Lily Pictures

Lilies are one of the most beautiful flowers to look at! These beauties are found throughout the Northern Hemisphere, they can be seen in a…

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Lotus Pictures

Lotus flowers are one of God’s most beautiful creations to look at, be it in person or photos. They come in a variety of colors, white,…

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Rose Pictures

You may search high, you may search wide, but you are unlikely to find a more beautiful flower than rose. They come in a range…

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