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Nasha is upcoming Bollywod movie. Releasing on 26-July-2013.’Nasha’ movie is based on erotic & thriller.‘Nasha’ will be the tale of Eighteen years old boy who falls hopelessly in love with a twenty-five year Artemisia stelleriana. A girl he cannot have, but a girl he are not able to support but trust. And, as they are true with wants unrealized, they become obsessions. Yet, each and every attraction is usually a lesson learnt, an practical knowledge obtained. Making sure that, for the duration of coping with his unanswered love, the boy requites additional. Both he as well as the lady appear old. Outside of simple years, inside strict impressionin the term.Nasha is directed by Amit Saxena and produced by Surendra Suneja & Aditya Bhatia. The Star Casters of Nasha Movie-Poonam Pandey, Shivam, Ranbir Chakma.Nasha movie is all about such a must based on POONAM PANDEY with her hot and sexy scenes.








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