Jeremy Renner photos and his Biography

Birth Name: Jeremy Lee Renner, Born: January 7, 1971 (age 42),Birth Place: Modesto California, U.S. The first film debut in 1995  Renner the comedyNational Lampoon's Senior Trip.His latest movies are Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol, The Hurt Locker,Kill the messenger and Slingshot ect. With a background in the theater hall, Renner is in the "shape" by performing in plays through out the Los Angeles areas.Jeremy Renner most unforgetable was Search and Destroy, which he was not only started in but also co-directed. Between film and hall jeremy finds the time to write, record, and perform contemporary rock. Renner has written  many songs for Universal Publishing.   Jeremy-married    



Jeremy Renner

jeremy (2)

Renner thinking


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